Auxiliary Heater Pick Up Pipe

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With the increase in popularity of installing auxiliary diesel heaters in Defenders, a common question is how to install a separate fuel supply to the heater without the hassle of dropping the fuel tank from the vehicle or installing an auxiliary fuel tank.

This product provides a quick and easy solution. The diesel pick-up pipe fits ‘inline’ into the large diameter fuel filler hose between the back of the Defender fuel filler and the main fuel-tank. Split the fuel filler hose and remove a short section of filler hose to accommodate the length of the adapter.

Insert the aluminum adapter into the filler hose and secure in place with the supplied stainless-steel hose clamps.  The smaller diameter pick up pipe extends downwards into the main fuel tank to act as the pick-up supply for your heater. This flexible 5mm pipe can be shaped to fit (length 550mm- you can easily shorten the length by chopping the pipe down if required).  Connect your fuel supply hose (not supplied) to the outlet pipe on the adaptor and you have a ready-to-go fuel supply to connect to your heater pump.

Works with 'knock off' 2kw/5kw heaters as well as proprietary heater brands like Webasto, Eberspacher, Planar, Autoterm, etc.

Looking for somewhere to mount your heater in your Defender? Check out our Cubby Box Heater Base.

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