CargoBear Roof Rack - Awning Holder Bracket Set (4 PIECE SET)

Sale price$150.00


The CargoBear awning holder allows the installation of numerous awnings or awnings on the CargoBear Roof Rack. It is suitable for the following awning models:

RoofLodge Awnings
RhinoRack Foxwing
RhinoRack SunSeeker

At least two (2) CargoBear *Crossbars* are required for assembly/mounting. The 4-piece set is delivered including the required mounting material for attaching the awning holder to the CargoBear roof rack (the included mounting brackets are the four pieces shown in red in the last photo). Fastening material for the awning is not included.

The awning brackets are made of stainless steel & powdercoated black, and can be used on all CargoBear carriers with 30° angled feet.

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