CargoBear Roof Rack - Quick-Mounting Tent Frame

CargoBear Quick Mount Frames: For CargoBear Rack
Sale price$800.00


The roof-top quick-change system consists of two stainless steel frames (an upper and lower part). The lower part is powder-coated black and is attached to the vehicle, the top of the frame is mounted on the tent. This system is suitable for all roof racks, and the assembly and disassembly takes place quickly - only four screws have to be removed. Additionally, because of the even geometric nature of the tent frame, the tent can also be easily rotated at a 90 ° angle for changing the opening/access from front of the rack to side (or vice-versa).

Overall dimensions: 36.5" (92.5cm) x 36.5" (92.5cm) x 1.75" (4.5cm) high.


  • For CargoBear Rack: includes. 4 slots and mounting hardware
  • For FrontRunner Rack: includes 8 screws and nuts
  • For universal Rack: includes screws and counter plates (should this not be enough for most applications, but if you have any questions please contact us in advance).

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