Carling Contura II OFF-MOMENTARY Switch / lighted white lens - 12V 20amp

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Carling Contura II OFF-MOMENTARY Switch.

Momentary switch which can be used as either a fog switch on the later Defender, or simply as a horn function.

  • Window: Glows green with side light illumination.
  • Bar: Illuminates orange when switched on.
  • Wired with standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on rear of switches.
  • Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.
  • All Contura II switches are rated at 20amps.
  • Push top of switch rocker to turn on.

We recommend the use of our Carling Multiplug and crimp-on female spade terminals for this application (listed separately).

Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.

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