Carling Contura II OFF-ON-ON Switch / lighted white lens - 12V 20amp

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Carling Contura II OFF-ON-ON Switch.

Three position switch allowing you to wire two auxiliary circuits through one switch. Typical application would be for controlling two pairs of spotlamps or two electric fans via the one switch. Click switch once to activate circuit one; click again to activate circuits one and two.

  • Window: Glows green with side light illumination.
  • Bar: Illuminates orange when switched on.
  • Wired with standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on rear of switches.
  • Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.
  • All Contura II switches are rated at 20amps.
  • Push top of switch rocker to turn on.

We recommend the use of our Carling Multiplug and crimp-on female spade terminals for this application (listed separately).

Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.

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