Center Dash Face Plate Panel (VDO-3x Carling-VDO) - Land Rover Defender 90/110

Sale price$85.00


Milled Aluminum Dash Center Face Plate Panel for a Land Rover Defender.

This is an upgraded replacement for the center face plate in any Defender, which replaces the standard configuration with VDO cutouts on the left & right, and (3) Carling Switch cutouts in the middle. The factory face plate is simply vinyl wrapped (very) thin metal, and does not offer a VDO & Carling Switch configuration. Many find the addition of Carling Switches to be helpful when adding exterior lights (fog, driving, or work lights), Air Locker switches (ARB or Ashcroft), Heated Seat Switches, and similar. Likewise, the addition of VDO gauges many folks see as a beneficial upgrade.

This dash center plate panel offered here is a great upgrade, and not only dresses up your Defender but is exceptionally more durable than the factory face plate. Milled from 1/4" thick solid aluminum and powdercoated in satin/semigloss black, they are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, elements, and whatever you can throw at your Land Rover.

*Optional Carling Hazard switch, and other various Carling switch combinations available for additional charge.

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