Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Kit - for Land Rover Defender & Series

Vehicle Type: Defender 1983-2006
Right- or Left-Hand Drive?: Left-Hand Drive (LHD)
Motor: V8
Sale price$190.00


The original Clutch Master Cylinder on a Land Rover Defender (model year 1983-2006) & Series late-IIA & III (model year late-1971-1984) trucks are made from aluminum, and as such is prone to having the inner wall of the cylinder wear over time…creating a situation where the clutch master may leak, and/or the wearing of the wall of the cylinder can also cause contamination of the fluid (turns from a nice clear golden color to a cloudy grayish color). This contamination can/will also cause failure of the downstream Clutch Slave Cylinder (due to the contaminants creating a sludge buildup inside of the slave cylinder).

We have modified a cast-iron Dorman master cylinder that is much more robust than the factory master cylinder, and based on the materials (cast iron vs aluminum) are significantly less prone to the inner wall wearing (which generally causes fluid contamination and ultimately master cylinder failure). As such, you should see little to no fluid contamination over time and likewise should not experience any frequent master cylinder or slave cylinder failure.

Please be aware, our kit includes MORE THAN JUST THE BASIC MASTER CYLINDER (which is modified to fit the Rover housing) contains all of the following:

  • *Modified* Dorman Clutch Master Cylinder.
  • Brand new pushrod.
  • New stainless hardware for the pushrod (i.e. nyloc nut for the pushrod end, 2 'thin' hex nuts & isolating washers).
  • Custom braided stainless steel line to replace the factory "hard line" running from the master cylinder to the junction/union located on the bulkhead wall.
  • The above braided line utilizes our specialized right-angle male fitting on the clutch master end, and female fitting for the direct connection to the bulkhead union/junction.

This kit replaces the original Land Rover Clutch Master Cylinder (original part# STC500100 for Defender & late-IIA / III Series vehicles) and the hard-line Clutch Pipe (original part# NRC8330 for RHD Defender, #NRC8329 for LHD Defender, or #NRC3287 for Series IIA/III)....please specify when ordering if you have a Defender or Series vehicle. Will work on both Left-Hand Drive (LHD) or Right-Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles, and is a direct drop-in replacement (no additional modifications required).

NOTE: Fits 1983-2006 original Defender & 1971-1984 Series late-IIA/III only.

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