Defender Dash Panel & Interior Lights Wiring Harness (*includes* Carling Switch & Multiplug) - for Land Rover 90/110/130

Vehicle Year: 1985-1990
Vehicle "type" (ROW or NAS): ROW (Rest of World)
Sale price$65.00


Failure of the factory switch that controls the Dash Lamp/Panel Lights & Interior Lights (corresponding to original part #PRC7371, generally used on Defender vehicles through the 1994 model year) is a common issue. Our custom harness combines the reliability of the Carling Switch with an easy way to swap out your old Dash Lamp/Panel Lights & Interior Lights switch with our plug-and-play replacement to proactively avoid potential issues going forward, or correct/replace a switch that has already failed. We utilize specialty 3.0mm male pin connectors on the end of the harness that specifically mate up directly into the female openings in the Rover plug. This harness is a neat and tidy way to changeover to a Carling Switch, and comes with a color-coded set of instructions/legend for each wire; in addition the end of each wire is clearly labeled, and also includes a visual diagram to also show you where to plug each connector.

We also suggest using one of our "Lower Dash Switch Plates" that are suitable to accept Carling Switches, generally either one of the following:
RHD (Right Hand Drive) Lower Dash Switch Plate Panel [fits 3 Carling Switches]
LHD (Left Hand Drive) Lower Dash Switch Plate Panel [fits 3 Carling Switches]

***INCLUDES the Carling Switch & Carling Multiplug Connector.

NOTE: Fits 1985-1999 original Defender only.

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