Defender 110 Station Wagon / 130 Crew Cab Stainless Hardware Kit (Exterior)

Sale price$250.00


This stainless steel bolt/screw exterior hardware kit fits a 110 Station Wagon or 130 Crew Cab configuration, and contains approximately 430 pieces. This it the only stainless kit for the Land Rover Defender that comes complete with the GENUINE Land Rover door bolt head configuration. The kit also comes with anti-seize paste, and all bolt packages are clearly labeled and packaged for ease of installation (10 separate packages). The kit includes stainless hardware for:
- Bonnet Hinges
- Load Area Bars/Reflectors
- Front Grille
- Headlight Surrounds
- Wingtop Vent Air Intake Covers
- Door pillars
- A-pillar
- Side Door Hinges
- Back Door Hinges
- Rear Crossmember
- Spare Tire Carrier
- Rear Body Mount Crossmember Tabs
- Bonnet Buffer Screws
- Anti-Seize Paste Packets

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