Defender Aluminum Steering Guard / Skid Plate and Mounting Brackets - for Land Rover 90/110/130

Finish: Silver Anodized
Sale price$475.00


Aluminum Steering Guard / Skid Plate and Mounting Brackets, fits ALL model years of the Land Rover Defender from 1983-2016.

  • Units are constructed from 1/4" (6mm) aluminum high-strength alloy
  • Side mounting brackets are 1/4" (6mm steel) that are galvanized and then powder coated black.
  • Skid Plate is available in either silver anodized, or an optional black powder coated version.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a 1997 NAS 90 Defender, the mounting brackets will have to be notched slightly in order to clear the transmission cooler lines at the front of the vehicle as they run underneath the front crossmember and will interfere with the brackets. However, a small 2-1/2" x 1" notch at the angle mount will give enough room to clear the lines without issue. Please contact us in advance if you would like us to "notch" the mounting brackets before shipping the unit and we would be happy to make this modification, otherwise they can easily be notched before install using common tools.

FOR THOSE WITH ARB BUMPERS: We have seen that for folks running ARB front bumpers, due to manufacturing variances on the ARB it *may* run into an interference issue when mounting the skid plate. If you do not have at least 24-1/2" distance between the 'inside-to-inside' measurement of the front frame horns, we don't recommend trying to fit our skid plate. If you would like clarification or have any specific questions on your application, please contact us in advance of ordering.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2016 original Defender only.

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