Defender Carling Contura Hazard Switch - Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

Color: Black
Sale price$37.50


Carling Contura II Hazard Switch for the Land Rover Defender.  These Hazard switches are made specifically for the Land Rover Defender with Hazard legend for easy identification day or night.

  • Window - Glows red with side light illumination.
  • Window - Flashes Red when switched 'on'
  • Wired with standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on rear of switches
  • Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams
  • All Contura switches are rated at 20amps
  • Push top of switch rocker to turn on.

Please note that we do include the cross-reference wiring diagram to tie the switch in with the Land Rover Defender factory wiring. This Carling Hazard Switch is made specifically to replace the factory Defender Hazard Switch (generally either part number AFU4209L, ASU1009, or YUF101490), but does require you to either:

  • Cut the factory wiring and splice on female spade connectors (not included) to go to the back of the Carling.
  • OR Create "jumper" wires to go from the Land Rover factory wiring to the Carling switch directly.
  • OR utilize our Hazard Switch Harness (which comes with both the Carling Hazard Switch & Multiplug).

For either above option #1 or #2, if you don't use our custom jumper harness then we do recommend the use of our Carling Multiplug and crimp-on female spade terminals for this application (listed separately)...though any generic female spade terminals would also work for this application.

Lastly, please be aware that the Carling switch does require a hole cutout of (approximately) 1.450" high x 0.830" wide (37mm x 21mm). This is slightly larger than the factory hazard size, but can be achieved by slightly enlarging the factory hole *or* using one of our available custom mounting/switch plates.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2002 original Defender only.

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