Defender Front Grille (w/ cutout for manual bonnet latch) - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (solid aluminum)

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This is a replacement front grille for a Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (model year 1983-2016). and similar to our "standard" SDO Front Grille....BUT this particular unit is designed for those with the "manual bonnet latch-release" (the lever that is at the front of the vehicle and allows you to manually open the bonnet), versus those with the "in-cabin bonnet pull" (i.e. the cable running from the footwell to the front of the vehicle).    

  • Machined from 3/16” thick solid CNC milled aluminum.
  • Featuring 5/8” diameter octagonal beveled vent holes for plenty of airflow (and in the octagonal design to complement the Wingtop Vent hole style).
  • The top 3” of the grill is form-rolled to exactly match the curvature of the Defender grille surround, and powdercoated black for a durable finish.
  • Manual Bonnet-pull Cutout version.

As we all know the factory grille is extremely flimsy plastic, yet behind that grill is housed one of your most vulnerable components – your radiator, which if damaged can leave you stranded on the trail or on the road. With our 3/16” thick front grille this will withstand branches, sticks, rocks, etc...essentially "bullet proof". Heck – you could drive a golf ball into this grille at highway speeds and it would barely even dimple it. A great upgrade to any Defender, and a durable solution that will last a lifetime.

Please see the above photos, and contact us with any questions or for more pictures - this is an upgraded direct replacement for the factory grille genuine part# LR038615 / ALR8765PUC. This is a very simple upgrade, and all that you need to do to install is remove the existing 6-8 screws holding down the factory grille, fit this replacement front grille on, and re-secure using the same 6-8 screws! A 10-minute installation job!

Includes one FRONT GRILLE powdercoated black. Will work on both Right-Hand Drive AND Left-Hand Drive vehicles.

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