Defender Headlight Surrounds - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (solid aluminum, set of 2)

Vehicle Year (for marker & turn-signal light configuration): '93-'94 NAS or '83-'16 ROW
Design (for area between marker/turn-signal area): “VENTED” [with full milled-through 3x3 set of octagonal cutouts between the marker/signal lights]
Sale price$850.00


These are replacement headlight bezel finisher/surrounds for a Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (model year 1983-2016). 

  • CNC machined from a one-piece 3" thick block of billet aluminum.
  • These are a perfect complement to our SDO Defender Front Grille.
  • Powdercoated black for a durable finish.

The factory headlight surrounds are extremely flimsy plastic, and tend to crack, break, and become brittle over time. Our aluminum headlight surrounds are a great upgrade to any Defender, and a durable solution that will last a lifetime. These are extremely heavy-duty, each side is CNC milled from a 3” thick solid 25-lb block of 6061 aluminum….stout would be an understatement

The Headlight Surrounds have been configured to fit ***any year*** Land Rover Defender from 1983-2015 (our design has incorporated the various mounting hole configurations for the marker lights & turn-signal lights for the different model year Defenders). Replaces factory part numbers: BTR7849PUC, BTR7850PUC, LR059128, LR059129 (coming soon: AWR1564PUC, AWR1565PUC for '95/'97 NAS).

We are currently offering three different "design options" for the area between the marker lights & turn signal lights as follows:

Design Options:

  • "BLANK / SOLID" the solid version and has *no design* in this area between the marker & signal lights.
  • “VENTED” with full milled-through 3x3 set of octagonal cutouts between the marker/signal lights (which aesthetically matches the design on our SDO Front Grille).
  • "MILLED POCKET DESIGN" similar to the Vented, *but* is only pocket-milled (i.e. not milled all the way through).
Includes SET OF 2 of Headlight Surrounds (i.e. leftside and rightside). Will work on both Right-Hand Drive AND Left-Hand Drive vehicles.

Please note: the "VENTED" design technically is milled all the way through, which for any trucks that are Td5-era or later will need this as the horn resides in this area. However, this design will fit *any* other year vehicle as well - just please be aware that if you fit the "VENTED" style on a non-Td5 vehicle, it will have the vehicle paint color show through the 3x3 octagonal cutouts.

PRODUCT NOTE: the 1995/1997 NAS/North American Spec vehicles have a different turn signal light orientation and cutout, and this configuration is still in development and will be available at a later date.

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