Defender INTERIOR Stainless Hardware Screw Bolt Kit - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

Sale price$175.00


This is an INTERIOR ONLY stainless steel bolt/screw hardware kit to fit a Land Rover Defender 90/110, and contains approximately 360 pieces. All bolt packages are clearly labeled and packaged for ease of installation (16 separate packages). The kit includes stainless hardware for:
- Lower Dash
- Instrument Panel
- Heater Controls & Center Dash
- Dash & Visors
- Demister/Defrost Vents
- Windshield Pillars
- Driver Side End Cap
- Tray Trim
- Door Panels (ST)
- Check Strap & Cover
- Kick Panel Trim
- Floor Pans
- Door Sills
- Rear Fender Brackets
- Seat Rail Bolts
- Rear Door Trim (if applicable)

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