Defender 90 Soft Top (NAS) Stainless Hardware Kit (Exterior & Interior)

Sale price$400.00


This exterior/interior stainless steel bolt/screw hardware kit fits a NAS (North American Spec) 90 Soft Top configuration, and contains approximately 632 pieces. All bolt packages are clearly labeled and packaged for ease of installation (29 separate packages). The kit includes stainless hardware for the EXTERIOR:
- Bonnet Hinges
- Front Grille
- Wingtop Vent Air Intake Covers
- License Plate
- Side Door Hinges
- Rear Body Mount Crossmember Tabs
- Rear Door Hinge
- Rear Tailgate Door Lock
- Rear Brake Light Bar
- Rear Tire Carrier Door Pivot Point
- Rear Tire Carrier Upper Hinge
- Rear Tire Carrier Rubber Stops Bolts
- Rear Tire Carrier Rubber Bumper Bolts
- Side Marker Lights (front & rear) screws

And ALSO comes with the following stainless hardware for the INTERIOR of the NAS 90 Soft-Top vehicles as well:
- Lower Dash
- Instrument Panel
- Heater Controls & Center Dash
- Dash & Visors
- Demister/Defrost Vents
- Windshield Pillars
- Driver Side End Cap
- Tray Trim
- Door Panels (ST)
- Check Strap & Cover
- Kick Panel Trim
- Floor Pans
- Door Sills
- Rear Fender Brackets
- Seat Rail Bolts
- Rear Door Trim (if applicable)

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