Defender Phone Dash Mount, aluminum (fits model years 1983-2006) - for Land Rover 90/110/130

Sale price$175.00


This custom phone mount was designed to be used with the Land Rover Defender dash (model year 1983-2006), and fits to the vehicle without any modifications (simply remove the factory screw in the middle of the center dash, and replace with our included kit & hardware). It is a straight bolt-on accessory that can be removed at anytime.

The Defender Phone Mount is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel - all metal and no plastic! - and it works with almost any phone and any case. The clamping mechanism doesn't rely on springs, it functions like a tiny vise that locks securely to your phone, and will not loosen from vibration or similar. After sliding the mount close on your phone using the quick adjust button, you can simply dial in the clamping force with the thumb wheel for up to 90lbs of grip to hold your phone securely in place. Clamping range is 2"-3.5", fits almost all phones on the market, and can be rotated so the phone is in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Phone mount sits on top of the 'ashtray' area, but can be moved/rotated to the side to access the ashtray area - or consider upgrading to our 'coin tray' option for easier access:
Defender Dashboard Coin Tray

Mount attaches via standard 1" RAM ball mount attached to the back of the phone mount, a 3" mounting arm, and a 1" RAM ball mount that affixes to the center dash pad screw using our custom machined spacer & mounting screw (all of the aforementioned items are included with our kit). Fits both right-hand or left-hand drive vehicles.

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