Defender Station Wagon Swing Away Tire Carrier (stainless steel & black powdercoated) - for Land Rover 90/110

Model year: Vehicles up to 2001
Sale price$1,950.00


Stainless Steel Black Powdercoated Spare Tire Carrier for Land Rover Defender Station Wagon (SW) vehicles. Mounts on the rear crossmember and bolts through the door, and relieves the stress of the weight of the spare tire which is known over time to crack the door frame structure. The carrier is mounted on the rear cross member, and a plate is fitted to the existing holes on the rear door, and connects to the unit by means of two stainless steel rod ends with the carrier. 

These units WILL fit with the factory NAS (North American Spec) bumper with no interference or modifications required, as can be seen in photos 4-5 and 8-9.  We have also had customer successfully fit this tire carrier to the NAS Soft Top (ST) vehicles with the swing away tailgate as well, please contact us for fitment questions.

Fits model years of the Land Rover Defender from 1983 to 2001, as well as later 2002+ model (2002 had a door change, which requires a different mounting plate which is selected at checkout). 

NOTE: the 1983 & 1984 year 90/110s did have a "bracket" on the crossmember which will need to be cut off in order to fit this tire carrier - we can provide additional details upon request if you message us and have questions regarding this fitment.

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