Defender Tunnel Tray (R380 Transmission) - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

Vehicle Configuration: Right-Hand Drive
Sale price$90.00


The Defender Tunnel Tray has been designed to fit on top of the transmission tunnel of all Land Rover Defenders (90, 110, 130) fitted with the R380 gearbox (Tdi, Td5 , and most V8 models). Unfortunately the Tunnel Tray will *NOT* fit the LT77 transmission tunnel or the early factory V8 engine vehicles fitted with the LT85 gearbox.

Molded cup holders provide drinks storage on the move, while the additional storage trays put an end to pens and small change disappearing forever in your Defender dashboard. The Defender Tunnel Tray makes sure you always have your pens, pencils, small change, mobile phone, flashlight, etc easily on hand. The raised profile of the tray around the rubber gaiter also means it creates another useful dumping ground for all those odds and ends we all accumulate.

Molded from ABS plastic all Defender Tunnel Trays comes with a textured finish that perfectly compliments the factory finish Defender trim. Each Tray comes supplied with rubber edging to maintain that factory appearance. The cup holders in the Tunnel Tray will accept most popular-sized drinks containers and are supplied with a neoprene insert. The cup holders and the additional pen trays double up as useful oddment containers for all of the stuff we inevitably end up carrying with us on the road.

The R380 version of the Defender Tunnel Tray has been designed to be a snug interference fit around the base of the gearstick rubber gaiter, the R380 Tunnel Tray requires no fixings to install and therefore can be fitted in seconds. The Defender Tunnel Tray will fit vehicles fitted with both cubby boxes and center seats.

The Right Hand Drive variation has two cup holders and two pen trays.
The Left Hand Drive version has two cup holders and one pen tray.

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