Defender Wingtop Vent [Solid Top Left-Side Only] - for Land Rover Defender (solid aluminum)

Sale price$100.00


Similar to our standard "open" set of wingtop vents, but this is a single vent (1 side) configured as a SOLID TOP LEFT-SIDE ONLY (i.e. the right side as you sit in the driver seat).

  • Machined from 1/4” thick solid CNC milled aluminum.
  • Powdercoated black for a durable finish.
  • A great upgrade to any Defender, and a durable solution that will last a lifetime.

This unit is designed for those in the "colder climates" to help to keep the under-hood heat contained and the temp running warmer for the winter (think of it as a radiator muff for your intake).

This are a very simple upgrade, and all that you need to do to install is remove the existing 7 screws holding down the factory vent, drop this replacement aluminum vent on, and re-secure using the same 7 screws! A 5-minute installation job!

Includes a SINGLE UNIT (1 vent) of the SOLID TOP LEFT-SIDE ONLY milled aluminum wingtop vent powdercoated black (i.e. left-side as you sit in the vehicle).

NOTE: Designed to work on Left-Hand Drive vehicles only (as the left-side vent is for the heater intake and must remain open/unrestricted).

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