Elastic Winch Cover (softshell, stretch, protection) - for Land Rover Defender

Sale price$50.00


Protect your winch & winchline from weather, mud, debris, UV light, and more with our softshell elastic winch cover. Rainwater, ice, salt, mud and pebbles can not only visually damage expensive winch systems and their lines in the long run, but also reduce the performance of the components. Synthetic lines in particular are also very sensitive to the omnipresent UV radiation.

With our protective cover, protect your expensive equipment from the elements and unnecessary wear-and-tear and also keep it in tip-top condition for the next use. The softshell cover is light and elastic, so it fits the winches of various manufacturers.

Dimensions measure 19" x 8" x 8" (with the bottom edge being ~3" to keep it tight around the winch base....keep in mind the material is highly elastic and this is so that it fits snugly on the bottom of your winch) in the unstretched state. Pictured installed on a Warn M10000 winch.

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