Defender Extra Deep A-Pillar Trim - for Land Rover 90/110/130 (set of 2)

Sale price$65.00


The Extra Deep Defender A-Pillar Trims creates extra space for any wiring that you need to run up your windscreen A-pillar into the headlining/roof space.

When routing additional wiring within the factory fit A-pillar trim, the flat profile of the trim restricts the amount of available room meaning wires often get pinched, snagged or trapped when trying to refit the trim. It’s not uncommon for people to simply abandon the trim altogether when they realize there isn’t enough room for the wiring, resulting in an unfinished messy installation. 

The Extra Deep A-Pillar Trim provides a neat solution to this common Defender problem with our redesigned trim featuring a deep channel profile to create an extra 3/4"+ of depth under the surface of the trim compared with the factory Defender trim.

The Extra Deep A-Pillar Trim has been designed to replicate the style of the original trim and the OEM appearance blends seamlessly into the Defender interior.


Replaces factory Land Rover Part Numbers MWC2314 & MTC5212, includes a set of 2 (i.e. RH & LH) Extra Deep A-Pillar Trim and mounting screws.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2016 original Defender only.  The A-Pillar trim will not fit early 90 & 110 models with the hinging/folding windscreen screen brackets that use the large securing bolt on the *inside*.  However, removing the securing bolt would enable you to use the A pillar trim.

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