Defender Radio (flexible) Antenna AM / FM / DAB / DAB+ - for Land Rover 90/110/130

Sale price$140.00


This radio antenna has excellent radio reception and scores with high-quality optics. Since conventional antenna feet are usually a little too large, this custom foot fits perfectly into the original opening in the fender of the Land Rover Defender.

The Defender antenna is suitable for all Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 with existing antenna or antenna bore, and the robust antenna is particularly suitable for off-road use and offers extensive reception of AM, FM, DAB, DAB+.

Technical specifications:
Antenna length: 17.75" (45cm)
Cable length: 116" (295cm)
Reception: AM, FM, DAB, DAB+

NOTE: Fits 1983-2016 original Defender only.

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