Heater Console Locker Box (interior, cubby) - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

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The Heater Locker Box has been designed to create an easy method of mounting a diesel-powered auxiliary heater into your Land Rover Defender.

The Heater Locker fits between the front seats under the cubby-box using the factory fixing points (the heater locker bolts into the factory cubby-box fixing holes). The pre-drilled holes within the lid of the locker also match those within the base of the factory cubby box, and please note that it is also possible to fit the heater locker under an aftermarket cubby box (fitment will vary depending on the brand/model of cubby box).

The cut-out within the base plate of the Heater Locker has been designed to match the standard footprint of all the common 2000w auxiliary diesel heaters (such as Webasto, Eberspächer, MV Airo and Planar).  Also note that the 'more reasonably priced' imported 2000w heaters typically found online are typically all copies of the established brands so they too all use this same standard footprint (however, with these aftermarket heaters we have found that their footprint will need to be transferred to the center base plate in the Defender seatbox and the base plate will typically require some cutting).

The slots within the front plate of the heater locker provide the air-inlet, and the hole in the backplate of the heater locker will accept a range of standard outlet nozzles provided with the common 2000w heater kits that use the standard 60mm diameter pipework (such as our rotatable air vent found here). The smaller slot in the rear backplate provides an entry point for routing the wiring loom into the locker.  

The external dimensions of the locker are 17" long x 10.5" wide x 5.5" tall.

NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE CUBBY BOX OR THE HEATER UNIT!  Fits 1983-2016 original Defender only.

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