"Heavy Duty" Distributor Rotor Arm - for Land Rover V8 (3.9L, 3.5L)

Sale price$25.00


This is an *upgraded* distributor/ignition rotor arm for the Land Rover 3.9L/3.5L V8, to fit the 1993 NAS 110, 1994/1995 NAS 90, Discovery 1, or Range Rover Classic. The factory rotor arm is prone to failure at the "rivet" connection, which causes the spark to ground against the distributor shaft resulting on a "no start" symptom on the Rover V8. This rivet-less rotor arm avoids the common failure point, and in turn is much more reliable than the current oem/factory part.

NOTE: Fits 3.9L or 3.5L Land Rover V8 only.

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