Heritage Style Front Grille - Land Rover Defender (with A/C, stamped aluminum)

Color: Black
Sale price$300.00


This 'Heritage' style front grille is a replacement front grille for a Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (model year 1983-2016), and fits vehicles with or without air conditioning.

  • Stamped 16-gauge aluminum sheet (~0.05" thick).
  • Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • Fits any model year Land Rover 90/110/130.
  • Available in either black or silver powdercoated finish.

This is an upgraded direct replacement for the factory grille genuine part# LR038615 / ALR8765PUC. This is a very simple upgrade, and all that you need to do to install is remove the existing 6-8 screws holding down the factory grille, fit this replacement front grille on, and re-secure using the same 6-8 screws! A 10-minute installation job!

Will work on both Right-Hand Drive AND Left-Hand Drive vehicles.

NOTE: also fits the standard/stock Defender front end of vehicles *without* the A/C bumpout.

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