INEOS Grenadier - Wheel Spacer Kit (+66 millimeters)

Quantity: for 1 axle
Sale price$250.00


Upgrade your INEOS Grenadier with these 66mm track widening spacers (33mm per spacer), by fitting spacer rings on either both the front *AND* rear axle, *OR* on the rear axle only (when fitted in conjunction with alloy wheels or standard INEOS Grenadier steel wheels).

Suitable for the following vehicle:

  • Vehicle manufacturer: INEOS Automotive ( UK )
  • Commercial designation / version: INEOS GRENADIER
  • Permissible axle loads ( v / h ) in kg: 1667 / 2150

The following wheel/tire combinations are approved for use:

  • 265/70R17 with 7.5x17
  • 255/70R18 with 8.0x18

Kit Includes:

  • 2 pieces (1 axle) or 4 pieces (2 axles) Aluminum wheel spacer plates, black anodized.

Installation Notes:

  • The screw-in length of all fastening elements must be at least 7.5 turns (M14x1.5).
  • Ensure that the stud bolts are long enough.
  • The bolted-on spacer rings are fastened to the vehicle using the fastening elements supplied by the spacer ring manufacturer (M14x1.5 tapered collar).
  • The standard wheels are fastened with the standard fastening elements.
  • The standard stud bolts may protrude slightly (up to 2 mm) beyond the wheel contact surface of the spacer rings.
  • In conjunction with the standard INEOS steel wheels or LM wheels without "cast pockets", which can accommodate the standard stud bolts and nuts protruding beyond the wheel contact surface, the standard stud bolts must be shortened slightly.
  • The minimum screw-in length of all fastening elements of 7.5 turns must be maintained.

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