Defender LED Interior Courtesy Light/Lamp (Warm White) - for Land Rover 90/110/130

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LEDs are not only popular in headlights and signal lamps, but also advantageous in the interior of the vehicle. The LED interior light is a simple "plug and play exchange" for the existing interior lights (front or rear) of the Land Rover Defender Station Wagon (SW).

Simply remove the original cover and the lamp of the previous factory unit (AMR3155) are removed, install the LED unit, and all previous functions of the interior light (on / off / door opening) are retained. In addition, the lighting can be switched over to a "red light" to preserve night vision (activated via the red push button). If the interior light is switched off, it will accept the last selected light color the next time the lamp is switched on.

Available in a more subtle "Warm White" (slightly more yellow) color.

Technical specifications:
- Light Color (warm white): 4500 Kelvin
- Wavelength (red light): 625nm
- Circuit board voltage: 12V (not suitable for 24V cars!)
- Voltage Range: 11-18V
- Power consumption (at 12.8V): 0.15A (white light)
- Power consumption ( At 12.8V): 0.05A (red light)

NOTE: Fits 1985-2016 original Defender only.

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