Lower Dash Switch Plate Panel (3 Carling) Left-Hand Drive - for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

Sale price$45.00


Milled Aluminum Lower Dash Switch Plate for a NAS [North American Spec] or any LHD (Left Hand Drive) Land Rover Defender.

This is a new part to add a lower dash switch panel by the drivers’ knee, which on the NAS trucks contains only the smaller dash lights dimmer switch. The factory dimmer switch is notorious for failing (which leaves it in the dim / "barely visible" position), and does not offer a Carling Switch configuration. However, this switch plate has been modified and configured to hold (3) Carling switches instead of just the single factory switch (but still fitting to the mounting space allotted).

PLEASE NOTE: this upgrade may not be for everyone as it does require *some* cutting of the vinyl wrapped on the factory dash as well as enlarging or cutting a portion of the metal skin behind the vinyl portion of the dash. BUT many find the change over to Carling switches a worthwhile upgrade, and frankly after years of continuous issues with the dash dimmer switch...going Carling and never looking back has been a blessing to many of us, and we know others will benefit from this upgrade as well.

This lower dash switch panel offered here is a great upgrade, and not only dresses up your Defender but is exceptionally more durable than the factory face plate. Milled from 1/4" thick solid aluminum and powdercoated in satin/semigloss black, they are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, elements, and whatever you can throw at your Land Rover.

*Carling Switches NOT included.
*Optional Carling Hazard switch available for additional charge.

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