Defender NAS Soft-Top Rear Speaker Panels (North American Spec ST) - for Land Rover 90

NAS Speaker Panel Options: With 5.25" Speaker Cut-Out
Sale price$225.00


These are replacement speaker housings for the North American Specification (NAS) Defender 90 Soft-Top models, to replace original part #AWR1550LNF and AWR1551LNF.  This is a set/pair of rear speaker housings (left & right side).

The apertures within the housing will accept a 5.25" speaker and include the slots for the rear seatbelt trim/insert (MWC5764), and the speaker housings can also be trimmed slightly to also accept a 6.5" speaker (as pictured). Also available in a speaker "blank" with no speaker cutout and no seatbelt cutout as well.

PLEASE NOTE: these units will *not* fit the very early 1994 NAS Soft-Top trucks that have the "tub bars" along the inside of the rear tub from front-to-rear (approximately the first #300-400 numbered trucks from 1994).

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