NEW Defender, Auxiliary Light Brackets - for Land Rover [L663 from Model Year 2020+]

Sale price$195.00


Proper off-road vehicles aren’t really complete without additional front lights – on off-road tracks, in bad weather or on overland routes you simply can’t do without extra lighting. The new Defender has everything a heavy duty 4x4 needs, but the stylish body isn’t made for easily attaching extras like additional off-road lamps.

Our versatile front light holders for the new Defender are specifically designed to easily mount off-road lights like the Vision-V GEN2 to the front of your L663 – most importantly, without any damage or modifications to the beautifully styled radiator grille. The holders are powder-coated in black and can be attached to the front grille in the exact location you prefer.

Fitment is achieved by inserting the holder’s four lugs into the grille’s grid and fastening the unit by tightening the screw on the stainless-steel clamping plate. This creates a perfect fit and prevents the lights from moving or scratching the grille. Mounting the holders can be done in a matter of minutes and can be performed completely from the outside (i.e. no removal of the bumper cover/etc required).

The auxiliary light brackets come as a set of 2.

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