NEW Defender, Additional backup/reverse light - for Land Rover [L663 from Model Year 2020+]

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Upgrading the reverse lights on your car is always a good idea – better visibility for others and for yourself when you’re parking backwards, when maneuvering with and without trailer or driving off-road in the dark. Stronger reverse lights also greatly improve the performance of reverse cameras. For the New Defender, we are offering an extremely elegant solution that needs no external fittings and has the seamless appearance of standard equipment.

Underneath the rear lights on both sides of L663, two recesses in the body are ideal for housing the additional reverse lights with their six white LEDs each. Mounting the LEDs in the recesses is easy. Two perfectly fitted brackets are attached inside the gaps with self-adhesive tape. Once the plinths are fitted the LEDs are simply screwed in. The wiring is plug & play and includes all the necessary connections to the existing reverse lights. Installation or de-installation (if necessary) are simple DIY projects because the rear light panels are only clipped in and can easily be removed. Since there are no drill holes or other alterations necessary, there are no permanent traces or damages on the vehicle’s exterior.

The high-quality LEDs with their watertight housing and the tough polycarbonate lenses provide more safety for you. The custom-fitted design and the superior components are a real improvement for the overall appearance of the Defender’s rear.

Please note:
The reverse LEDs come with an E-certificate but we have to emphasize that regulation in the EU prohibits the use of more than two reverse lights on passenger vehicles in regular road traffic. To accommodate these provisions, we are offering perfectly fitted covers for the LEDs to be used on publics roads or for technical inspections.

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