NEW Defender Additional LED loadspace/interior light - for Land Rover [L663 from Model Year 2020+]

Sale price$125.00


This 'plug n play' LED Lamp provides some much-needed extra illumination in the rear loadspace/ trunk area of any L663 model Defender.  Fits in approximately ten minutes with no modifications required to your interior trim or wiring. 

The rear of the New Defender Loadspace is normally illuminated with pair of paltry LED lamps mounted at floor level within the rear corner trims. The Defender Loadspace Light is a 20" (500mm) overhead LED strip containing over 250 LEDs to flood your Defender loadspace with more useable light where you need it.

The Daylight White finish (5000k) matches the stock interior lighting perfectly while the diffuser lens protects your eyes from the glare of the LEDs.

The black aluminum lamp housing is easily fixed in place using a snug, push fit into the trim above the rear door to create a discreet, flush mounting that follows the curved roof profile above the rear door. There is no drilling required to fit the lamp or route the wiring.

Once the Loadspace Light is installed in place above the door, route the wiring harness within the trim above the rear door, down behind the rear right-hand corner trim and into the area at the back of the interior light.

The lamp is wired using the pre-wired piggy-back harness that connects straight into the right-hand interior light wiring. The wiring harness provides a true plug & play install and also ensures the Defender Loadspace Light mimics the standard interior light functionality.

NOTE: Fits NEW Defender model year 2020+ ONLY.

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