RAM Mount ball and adapter for Land Rover Defender Td4/Puma (model year 2007-2016)

Sale price$75.00


Easy to fit (1") RAM Mount ball adapter, replaces the original bolt from the passenger-side grab bar/handle, for all Land Rover Defender Td4/Puma (from model year 2007-2015/2016). Extremely sturdy, and easy to remove...and once fitted will allow you to fasten a smartphone, tablet, GoPro, GPS, CB, iPad, or any similar device using standard RAM mount brackets.

Includes (1) RAM Mount ball, mounting bracket, bolt, and washer (mounting arms and equipment holder of RAM Mount not included, but are sold separately), and fitting instructions.

Please note that our kit includes enough to do just 1-side of the grab handle bar, but (2) pieces can be fitted to the same handle (i.e. one on the left bolt location, and one on the right).

NOTE: Fits 2007-2016 original Defender only.

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