Rear Door Window Vents - universal, adjustable (set of 2)

Sale price$175.00


These window vents are not vehicle specific, and can be adjusted with high quality screw caps between 17.7" to 24.6" in width and thus cover a variety of vehicle types. They are ideal for allowing air circulation without compromising security or allowing water to enter. The window vents are made from black powder coated aluminium and are incredibly easy to install – just wind down the rear window, pop in the ventilation plate and wind the window back up. They also have the added bonus of stopping the rear windows working their way down whilst the vehicle is being driven. They are ideal for campers that want to lessen the build up of heat in a parked vehicle.

Due to the design of the universal vents, unlike the vehicle-specific models, no mesh backing can be installed - nevertheless, the ventilation plate offers more protection against insects than an open window. Sold in pairs.

NOTE: These will NOT provide adequate fresh air for a dog if left in a parked car at high temperatures.

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