Seat Back Trim Rubbing Strip - for Land Rover Defender 90 (solid aluminum, set of 2)

Sale price$125.00


These are replacements for the plastic strips that screw to the back of the seats in most NAS trucks, but will fit other model year Defenders up to 2007 as well (original part #MWC6106PCB). The function is to essentially keeps the seat back material from rubbing/tearing on the cage or anything else behind when in the fully reclined position.

These are CNC milled from one-piece solid bar aluminum, and powdercoated black for a durable finish. A robust upgrade for the original plastic trim rubbing strips, since these tend to break/crack at the screw-hole mounting points over time (anyone who checks these parts on their vehicle, we guarantee the originals are cracked and broken).

Includes a SET OF 2 Seat Trim Rubbing Strips from CNC milled aluminum, powdercoated black.


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