Defender Console Base/Cubby Box Security Lock Box - Land Rover 90/110/130

Sale price$175.00


This Cubby Box Console Base / Security Lock Box fits the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 and mounts below the factory cubby box / center console, and is lockable to ensure safety & security of the contents.  The Console Base will raise the console approximately 5” to provide a better arm rest height while also giving additional discreet storage beneath the cubby.

Add on optional Blue Sea 12V and/or Blue Sea USB sockets, as there are (3) pre-drilled holes, - one at the front and two at the rear of the locker - for adding these additional power sources.

As many owners know, the Defender's cockpit suffers from too little storage space and storage space for the many small items of daily necessities - from the sun glasses to electronics to valuables. This storage compartment provides a solution that is installed below the standard center console. Hardly visible from the outside due to its clandestine mounting location -and its lock provides additional security.

This storage compartment installed underneath the cubby box is large enough for many things - compact cameras, mobile phones, navigation devices, cash, small firearms, and much more can be easily accommodated there.  It hinges open allowing the cubby box to tilt backwards and expose the hidden storage area & provide access.  When open it rests against the bulkhead, but please be aware that because of this configuration it will *not* fit the single-cab truck models.

The lock box dimensions are approximately 16" x 11" x 5" (41cm x 28cm x 11cm), and provides ~3-gallons of additional storage volume.

Unit includes lock/key. Cubby box not included.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2006 original Defender only.

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