Soft Shackle 10mm (7/16") - 12,000kg (26,000lb) break strength [recovery, synthetic shackle]

Color: Orange
Sale price$40.00


In principle, soft shackles are incredibly low tech: a rope ring with a knot and a fixed loop that only holds when pulled. Perhaps this simplicity explains the skepticism of some conservative users who prefer to hold onto steel shackles, even if they have already switched to synthetic ropes. The advantages of soft shackles are enormous: hardly any risk of injury, lightweight, no tools, no rusting, no scratching of vehicle parts and salvage equipment and no jamming or warping under load.

The high-tech key to this performance is the synthetic fiber Dyneema, a UHMWPE, i.e. ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Due to its ultra-high molecular weight, this material achieves the highest weight-related strength of all synthetic fibers and beats steel far and wide, gram by gram. With this 10 mm (~7/16") soft shackle, Dyneema ensures a breaking strength of over 12 tons with an elongation of only 4.8%. As with all synthetic ropes, care must be taken when using this soft shackle for abrasion, chafing, frictional heat and contact with chemical substances.

Available in gray and orange.

Color: gray, orange
Rope diameter: 10 mm (~7/16")
Breaking strength: 12,000 kg (26,000 lbs)
Elongation: 4.8%

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