Soft Top Clips [rear window retaining crossbar] - for Land Rover Defender 90 (solid aluminum, set of 2)

Sale price$95.00


CNC Milled Aluminum Soft Top Clips for retaining the rear window tailgate crossbar rail. These will fit any model Defender 90 that utilizes a soft-top, generally either the factory top or any similar aftermarket tops (as long as they still retain the rear window crossbar rail - which most do).

This is an upgraded replacement for your weak, plastic, factory rear window retaining clips for your rear crossbar that can crack and break over time - leaving your rear window literally flapping in the wind. These aluminum replacements will solve your problem and/or prevent your future problems (if you haven’t had it happen yet…it will). The "original" plastic clips were included in the factory part #LRNA71713 "Tailgate Kit for the Defender 90 Soft Top".

Includes a SET (1 pair) of the milled aluminum Soft Top Clips powdercoated black (i.e. one left-side & one right-side).


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