Station Wagon Rear Window Security Screens - for Land Rover 90/110 (set of 2)

Sale price$275.00


Window Screens/Guards for all Land Rover Defender Station Wagons from model year 1985-2002 (i.e. 90/110 station wagons with sliding side windows). Guards sit in window track with windows locked in first position, and provide ventilation while also giving security.

There are NO modifications required to install these screens, they sit in the window tracks, and once they slip in place you just close the windows to the first "clicked" position to keep them securely in place - it's a very easy & simple setup. To take them out just open the window another click/notch and they come right out.

Made from one-piece steel construction, powdercoated black for a long lasting and durable finish.

NOTE: Fits 1985-2002 original Defender only.

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