Defender Station Wagon Rear Speaker Panels - for Land Rover 90/110

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The Station Wagon Rear Speaker Panels have been designed so you can install a larger 130mm (5.25in) speaker into the rear body corner of the Land Rover Defender. The standard Defender speakers are 100mm (4in) which both restricts the speaker performance and limits your choice of aftermarket speaker upgrade. Fitting is by simple screw fixing....we include full color instructions and fitting materials.

Installing the Station Wagon Rear Speaker Panels means you have a greater choice of aftermarket speaker to choose from rather than limit yourself to smaller 100mm (4in) speakers. They are designed to provide a factory appearance once installed and are made of a thicker material than the factory offering to get the most from your speakers. The SW Rear Speaker Panels will NOT fit post 07 Station Wagon/Utility Wagon models with the stepped rear body tub profile. To upgrade the speakers on any Defender fitted with factory fit rear speaker panels, it is possible to install a 130mm speaker to the standard speaker panels with a small amount of trimming to the speaker opening. The standard speaker panels will also accept the 130 deep speaker spacer.

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