Defender Tailgate Organizer Storage Bag Saddlebag - for Land Rover 90/110 (Station Wagon Only)

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Where to put all the little odds and ends in an expedition vehicle? First-aid kid, multimeter, work gloves, winch controls, tire repair kit, etc....all these things have to be put somewhere. Our tailgate organizer makes use of the mostly unused space on the rear door. In several pockets attached with MOLLE attachment system you can store away all these bits and pieces which then are at hand once needed.

These MOLLE bags are usually supplied with the black sets as follows*:

- (1) MOLLE multibag
- (1) MOLLE multibag, open
- (2) MOLLE multi-purpose bags, large
- (1) MOLLE universal bag, large
- (1) MOLLE Tailgate Organizer base plate
- (1) set of stainless steel fasteners
*To allow for best availability of this product the choice of bags can vary. If an individual bag is not available it is replaced with a different, equally high-grade one.

These are made from 100% nylon, and to mount the organizer you'll need to remove the interior trim panel, drill holes in the trim (using the Tailgate Organizer base plate as a template), and then mount the trim back in place.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2016 original Defender only.  Early trucks without the later hard plastic door card may require additional fitment considerations.

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