Defender Rear Wash/Wipe Switch Wiring Harness (*includes* Carling Switch & Multiplug) - for Land Rover 90/110

Vehicle "type" (ROW or NAS): ROW (Rest of World)
Sale price$85.00


Upgrading the factory wash/wipe Carling switch, from the clunky factory knob & switch (original part #PRC4454 & PRC4449) is a popular upgrade. Our harness combines the reliability of the Carling Wash/Wipe Switch with an easy way to swap out your old switch with our plug-and-play replacement to proactively avoid potential issues going forward, or correct/replace a factory wash/wipe switch that has already failed. This harness allows you to upgrade your switch *without* needing to cut or splice the factory wires.

We suggest using one of our "Dash Face Plates" that is suitable to accept Carling Switches and keeps the hazard switch in the "center dash" area, generally either one of the following:
Dash Center Face Plate Panel [changes to (2) 12V-sockets & (4) Carling Switches]
Dash Center Face Plate Panel [changes to (6) Carling Switches]

***INCLUDES Carling Wash/Wipe Switch, Multiplug Connector, custom harness., and detailed installation instructions.

NOTE: Fits 1983-2006 original Defender only.

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